In 2022, Jessica A. MacNaughton, Dr. Aimie Apigian, and Elzabieta Kosmiki founded

WhatIsC60.Org is a 501(c)4 organization based in Washington, D.C., dedicated to expanding awareness of the science and research around Carbon 60 for the betterment and greater good of humanity.

Jessica A. MacNaughton – CEO, Health & Wellness Advocate, Carbon 60 Enthusiast

The context of my life has always been about supporting and helping others. I have been exploring various health and wellness modalities since I was a teenager. I spent more than 20 years in corporate America in the highly competitive world of commercial real estate. During a personal health journey recovering from stress, overwhelm, and career burnout, I was introduced to C60 by a friend. I was skeptical at first about what C60 was, and I didn’t know how it could help me. Knowing that my friend recommended it to me, wasn’t enough…

My biggest mental block understanding “what is Carbon 60”, came from the fact that I didn’t have a science background. While I had degrees in communications, law & society, and business, I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the science behind C60. Without a background in chemistry, I wasn’t sure how to accurately interpret some of the conflicting reports and studies I would read regarding C60. It wasn’t until I met Ken Swartz (who is a research scientist, biogeochemist, and a contributing author to the content on this site), that I opened my mind up to the potential of Carbon 60.

After about 6 months of daily use, I noticed that my hair was growing fast, my nails had stopped peeling and were very strong, my mind was clear, and my constant need for Kleenex went away. I also was able to move through my menstrual cycle with more ease and grace and I noticed I wasn’t finding myself curled up in agony, stuck in bed, once a month, for a full day… I had become a more productive and happier version of myself. In fact, C60 made such a positive impact on my life, that five years later, virtually everything in my life has transformed, including my career, as I am now an owner and CEO of a company that specializes in manufacturing products containing Carbon 60.

For several years now, I have been imaging a way for people, just like me, who aren’t experts in chemistry, science, or medicine, who have been busy working hard and may be feeling fatigued, how to readily access the information they need to understand What Is C60.

This website and our non-profit, is dedicated to expanding awareness of the science and research around Carbon 60 for the betterment and greater good of humanity.

We believe that everyone on the planet should have easy access and be able to discover the truth about C60. While there are interests who would like to mislead you about C60, this website provides a balanced, fair, and accurate review of all C60 Research our team has discovered.

If you have a research article or study that you would like our team to review, please email us

Dr. Aimie Apigian, MD MS MPH SEP

Everyone has had life trauma. C60 is something that I have found to be beneficial as a tool for addressing the oxidative stress underlying the Biology of Trauma. It is something that I personally use and recommend those going through my trauma courses to use to help neutralize oxidative stress and its effects on their health. Yet having tools for oxidative stress is not just for those working to address the chronic effects of stress and trauma on their body… this is why I am on the Board for

I am committed to supporting the awareness and education of C60 however I can.  People around the world deserve to know and have the tools for their health and healing journey.

Dr. Aimie is a Board-Certified Preventive and Addiction Medicine Physician with a Double Masters in Biochemistry and Public Health. She specializes in trauma, attachment and identifying and reversing the effects of stored emotions in the body and on our health.  Having personal experience in foster parenting, adopting and then her own chronic fatigue and autoimmune issues, she has discovered that negative life experiences become our biology, not just psychology.  Compromising every system in our biology, these stored emotions cause inflammation, digestive issues and contributes to all disease and aging.  Stored emotions become the biggest thief to our health, happiness, and aliveness without us ever knowing. 

A 2-time Summit Host, she is the founder and director of Family Challenge Camps, a weekend intensive for families, and founder and CEO of Trauma Healing Accelerated where she provides education and courses for those wanting to hack their survival systems and accelerate their healing journey from trauma to achieve their best mental and physical health.  Her courses include experiential courses for the general public on shifting The Biology of Trauma and a certification coach for those in a healing profession to have more tools for understanding and addressing the Biology of Trauma.

To learn more about the impacts of Stored Trauma, visit

Elzabieta Kosmiki – Athlete (2x Black Belt in Enshin Karate), Mom, Entrepreneur, Carbon 60 Enthusiast

Elzabieta has professional credentials in BodyTalk, Classical Chinese Medicine, Structural Integration, Somatic Therapy, Women’s and Children’s Health, Eastern and Western Herbalism, Qi Gong, and Martial Arts. 

Over the last 20 years, her full-time clinical practice in integrative health has included community health, public health, and private practice. Elzabieta has an extensive background in nonprofit work, curriculum development, broadcast media and health education. 

She currently offers professional level certification courses In BodyTalk, Advanced Manual Therapy,  distance healing, and classes in the art of Dao Yin Yoga, Qi Gong and Enshin Karate at her Dojo in Crestone, Colorado.

Elzabieta is passionate about Carbon 60, has used it to support her athletic performance and shorten her recovery time. She has also created many culinary masterpieces and healing tonics utilizing Carbon 60, which you can discover at